Arctic Screaming Tour: Help bring awareness of the horrors of the climate crisis to your home town

            "The Arctic is Screaming" read an Associated Press article recently about the climate crisis in the far North.  Help continue the movement for federal, state and local climate action by bringing the front line of the crisis: the Arctic to your home town through the inspiring words of author, film maker and Arctic explorer Chad Kisterís video, photos and first hand experiences.  The incredible pace of climate change needs to be understood so that the urgency can be realized.  Gwich'in and Inupiat people plead for action in video clips in the latest presentation.

            With the second edition of his Arctic Melting book coming out soon, Kister is launching another multi-media speaking tour to show what is happening in the far northern lands, and why we must take immediate action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

            For many, climate change is still an abstract issue, and something that we fear in the future.  But in the Arctic , and for native peoples, climate change is a reality now.  They beg the lower 48 to pay attention to their plight, because it is destined to be the same for the rest of the world unless we make this the number one issue of our time.

            We have heard so much about the climate crisis, it is a challenge to find innovative new ways to make a difference on this issue.  Kister has a unique presentation that features his amazing journey from Prudhoe Bay into and throughout the Arctic Refuge by foot and raft.  He nearly died of starvation when he could not catch fish, then hypothermia after being flushed down a flooded river.  The adventure helps attract interest from those who might otherwise not want to sit through a climate change talk.

           Facts about climate changeís impacts on polar bear, walrus, Arctic fox, Arctic char, salmon, forests, glaciers, lakes, ice sheets, sea levels, permafrost, shorelines, native villages, subsistence hunting and much more are interspersed through the narrative.

            You can watch one of the presentations that Kister gave in Chicago in May at www.arcticrefuge.org or www.safeclimateact.org.  The powerpoint ends with solutions, and a question-answer period addressing nuclear energy (not wise), liquefied coal (no way) and more.

             A solid set of solutions are set forth, centering on the need for a mandatory cap and reduction of emissions, which will spur action on all levels for innovative ways to cup emissions.  We already know energy saving measures that will also save money: it just takes some incentive-creating legislation like a cap and trade system to achieve it.  Kister has lived entirely with solar and wind energy, knowing first hand how well they work, and how economical they are.

            With positive feedback loops kicking in, temperature rises and the severe weather that causes promises to be horrific in coming decades, and we must do everything we can to stop the cause of the problem: greenhouse gas emissions.  Contact Kister at chadkister@gmail.com, 740-753-3888 or 740-707-4110 if you are interested in hosting a presentation.  Please make sure that you hear back from him if you email or leave a message, as many messages do not get through.